Thursday, September 5, 2013

30-Day Ab Challenge Starts September 12th!

Hello beautiful people!

The real moment of success is making the decision to change your life!

My 30-Day Ab Challenge group is quickly filling up! This is another friendly reminder to you - if you're interested, get in touch with me on Facebook (details below) and we'll make sure you are included!!

If you want to get lean and mean in 2013 – I WANT YOU ON MY TEAM! My 30-Day Squat Challengers are halfway through the month and they are kicking serious booty!!! I will be starting a 30-Day Ab Challenge on September 12th and I have a few spaces available for people who are ready to LOSE WEIGHT, HAVE FUN, TONE UP and WORK HARD! This challenge will only take a few minutes of your time each day, is completed in the comfort of your own home, and requires no special equipment!

Here are some awesome testimonials from my current fitness challengers:

* I began doing 25 squats at a time. I just completed 100 at one time – after only 15 days!

* I have re-discovered, even at my advanced age, if you start slowly, you will improve. The operative work is START!

* 80 done at one time!!! Go me!!! I could hardly do 20 at a time when I started and had to hold onto something!! Balance is better!

* Cool thing from yesterday was that I upped it to sets of 30 instead of sets of 20. Oh yeah!

Want to join our fitness journey in a private accountability group on Facebook? You can join from anywhere at any time before September 12th! Send me a friend request on Facebook at and I’ll give you all the details! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  1. The Squat Challenge is awesome. I look and feel so much better and my tennis game has improved 'to boot.'