Sunday, September 28, 2014

Announcing Three FREE October Weight-loss Challenges!

It’s that time of the month again – no not that one … this is fun and exciting! I’m announcing three FREE challenges for October!

30-Day Thigh Challenge – Yeah, you heard me. Get ready for toned, sexy thighs in just 30 days! 4 different exercises target trouble spots – and we all know muscular legs are where it’s at. They not only get you where you’re going, but you look damn good getting there! Begins October 1st!

Drink Your Water Challenge – It’s super simple. Drink your water for 5 days. Why? Join the group and I’ll explain just HOW wonderful water is for every little bit of your bod. Begins October 13th!

T25 Fast Track – 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge – from the creator of T25, the inimitable Shaun T., comes a 5-day meal plan to kickstart your weight loss and prepare you for the intensity of T25. You don’t have to own T25 to join … but I can’t guarantee you won’t want to try it when you finish! Begins October 20th!

To join, leave a comment here or friend me on Facebook at These groups fill up quickly so let's talk soon!

Carrot Juice FTW!

Good morning!

I was reading an article about the many benefits of carrot juice earlier this week, and I couldn't wait to share the information with you.

  • Lends a natural, golden glow to your complexion. (In moderation, folks, let's not get crazy! I drink about 24 oz a week.)
  • When you have carrot juice around 20 minutes before eating a meal, it will serve to help stimulate your body’s secretion of digestive juices.
    • This explains why it is wildly popular in Europe, often served as an aperitif for breakfast with a teaspoon of olive oil.
Ok now let's get down to the nitty gritty:

  • Vitamin A. When you have a cup of carrot juice, you are consuming 340 percent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin A.

  • Potassium. In addition to this vitamin, you will also get 18 percent of your recommended dose of potassium in addition to seven percent of your recommended daily value of iron.

  • Vitamin C. Just 100g carrot juice can contain as much as 3 milligrams of vitamin C, a vitamin that is essential for the immune system.

  • Vitamin E. You will also get 0.3 milligrams of vitamin E with each 100g, which is necessary for the synthesis of hormones and to maintain healthy cells.

  • B Vitamins. Carrot juice is also an excellent source of several B vitamins. For 100g fresh carrot juice, it provides 0.01 milligrams of vitamin B1 which is necessary for the nervous system and brain to function properly. It also contains 0.02 milligrams of vitamin B2 which is required to maintain healthy vision and metabolism.

  • Not a huge fan of chugging a glass of juiced carrots? Try adding a packet of Vanilla Shakeology to to the mix - it's like having carrot cake without the calories OR guilt.

    If you're interested in trying Shakeology or have ideas for other blog posts, drop me a message! You can leave one here or at I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Monday, September 1, 2014

    21 Day Fix Challenge Group - September 22!

    I’m SO excited!! You wanna know why? The 21 Day Fix is on SALE this month!!! I’m having surgery [again] in mid-September and won’t be able to get to the gym for at least a few weeks. (We’ll talk about how apoplectic I am about this another time.) I was planning to do the 21 Day Fix to keep myself accountable and guarantee I continue to lose, NOT gain any weight while I’m recovering. Plus I love the 21 Day Fix workouts. LOVE. So…

    Does anyone want to join me for 21-Day Fix Challenge from September 22nd – October 10th? This is a great program for anyone who wants to lose some serious weight and inches without counting calories and dieting. I’ve done this program before and it’s easy-to-follow portion control and one thirty-minute workout a day. That’s IT! And if you’re like me and prep your food ahead of your incredibly busy weeks, pack your lunches for work, and like to EAT, this is PERFECT for you!

    So, who wants to join me? I would love the company! Send me a friend request at and let's chat!