Wednesday, August 20, 2014

September is for getting in SHAPE!

Hi everyone!

I haven’t run a Facebook challenge group in a while, and I missed it so much I decided to do TWO in September! Both of these groups are 100% FREE. They are private. And they are FUN!

Space is limited in each group so don’t be shy – speak up early!

Monday, September 1 – Friday, September 5
Want to kick start your weight loss? Get hot hot hot for the weekend? As part of Turbofire, Chalene Johnson has created an amazing 5-day plan that delivers serious results and energy! I’ll provide the shopping list and meal plans, PLUS a 5-day supply of Shakeology for all participants. That’s how much I believe in this program. I KNOW it works. I’m a walking advertisement. 

September 1 – September 30
30-Day Arm Challenge
As you know, I’ve been lifting for about 2 months. The biggest change, by far, has been in my arms and shoulders – not to mention my posture. My arms look 15 years younger. I have muscle definition. It is SEXY!! Join me for a 30-day challenge that will tone, define and strengthen your guns. Don’t have weights? Don’t worry – canned goods and gallons of milk work wonderfully as kettle- and dumbbells! Don’t have much time? It will take less than 20 minutes a day – 5 in the beginning!

Once again, both of these groups are free of charge. Their success depends on your commitment to accountability, being involved and most importantly, having fun. Nothing is worth doing if you can’t enjoy it!

Contact me at or friend me on Facebook at and let's do this!!

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