Sunday, October 6, 2013

FREE 30-Day Arm Challenge begins October 14th!!

Don’t think you can hide under warm, winter sweaters forever! I swear, nothing is more annoying than those “angel wings” – that lovely area of flab that hangs down below your upper arm and jiggles when you are waving at someone. Why does it need to wave, too?!

I am starting a FREE 30-Day Arm Challenge on October 14th. Join my 15-person, private, FREE Facebook group for daily inspiration, support, and occasional floggings. We have alread finished a 30-Day Squat Challenge and are about to finish a 30-Day Ab Challenge. These guys and gals are the best motivators out there! We don’t let you fail!

Interested or want more information? Drop me a note here or friend me on Facebook at Talk to you soon!

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